The moving poster archive is an ongoing handpicked collection of the best moving posters by the coolest designers and animators from around the world, curated and developed by Josh Schaub

This archive functions as a platform for inspiration and exchange of moving posters. And of course, all posters featured here are copyright of each author, designer and animator! 👏👏👏
The moving poster project
It started in 2016 with the first exhibition (Spectrum) at the Weltformatgraphic deisgn festival in Lucerne. 2017 the first version of the online archive went online and the second exhibition this time about moving posters and augmented reality was shown in lucerne. In 2018 the third exhibition followed with interviews of designers and animators speculating about the future of moving posters. In 2019 the instagram account @themovingposters replaced the old online archive, which is now redesigned and online again in 2023.

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How can I partitpacte with my moving poster?
Post your moving poster on instagram with the hashtag #movingposter

Why can't I see the posters in full size?
The idea of the archieve is to give an overview of the different posters, designers and animators. If you want to have more details about the works and people visit their linked websites or instagram accounts.

It loads very very slowly! Why?
Although all videos are as small as possible there may be delays in loading the page. We are working on it so that the performance will be better and better!

Some moving posters might have sound?
Yes that's right. We are working on it.

My poster is on this website, but I dont want it!!
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